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Lines and wrinkles can begin to make their presence known much sooner than many people would like. However, laugh lines, crow’s feet, wrinkles on the forehead or between the brows don’t need to be permanent. Botox treatments have provided over 11 million men and women with quick and noticeable results. As a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Rodo can offer you this same relief from worrisome wrinkles! Conveniently located in Orchard Park, NY, Botox treatments have never been more in your reach.

Although Botox doesn’t require surgery or recovery time, some people may experience a little nervousness before their first appointment. The best way to prepare is to be informed about the process so you know what to expect. The process involves the injection of botulinum toxin directly into specific, key facial muscles. When applied in controlled doses, the botulinum toxin blocks signals from the muscle nerves which in turn prevents the muscles from contracting. This allows the wrinkles to relax and eventually soften.

The entire procedure does not take long and has relatively minimal discomfort. While the Botox treatments will begin to take effect in as little as a few days, timing for best results may be a bit longer. You can then enjoy the benefits of Botox for approximately 3 to 5 months! Despite contrary belief, Botox is not effective on wrinkles caused by gravity (excess skin) or sun damage. It can however, provide impressive results for certain age and stress related wrinkles.

If you believe that Botox treatments are right for you, speak with Dr. Rodo today! He can provide you with more information about Botox treatments and discuss all of your questions and concerns. Learn why many people of the Orchard Park and Buffalo areas have already trusted Dr. Rodo to make their skin look younger, smoother and softer.

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