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A Cosmetic Dentist Who No Longer Fills Teeth But Restores Them!

We offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry services for the highest quality dental care for our patients. We encourage you to learn more about what we provide and how we can help. If you have any questions, please contact us by calling (716) 675-2900. We’re always happy to hear from you!

Before and after cosmetic dentistry

It’s clear to us through our own research (as well as national studies) that most of us want whiter teeth. A whiter smile will make you proud and confident, feeling much better about yourself. Today it’s easy, predictable*, and affordable to whiten your teeth.

We have researched the safest and easiest to use materials on the market. We only use and recommend those that are fully supervised by our trained professionals, and strongly discourage unsupervised “TV or mail order” types for your well-being. Ask any of our staff members how you can whiten your teeth.

Even the most subtle change in your smile can make a difference in the way you look and feel. When you feel and look good, you project a confident self-image. So make the most of your smile. Ask Dr. Rodo what veneers can do for you.

Veneers are custom-made shells that are specially prepared and bonded directly to the teeth naturally improving your smile. The materials used to make veneers include composite resins and porcelain. The ultimate criteria in selecting these materials include durability, stain resistance, and a natural appearance.

  • Composite restorations (tooth colored “fillings”) actually make your teeth stronger by adhering (bonding) to the tooth structure that is left.
  • This adherence factor “seals” the seam between tooth and composite, helping to prevent new decay from starting.
  • Composite restorations wear better than old black silver fillings. They have been researched extensively. Dr. Rodo uses only the best from top manufacturers.
  • The composite material will help in reducing sensitivity; silver does not.
  • Composite bonded restorations can be easily added to; silver fillings cannot.
  • These restorations may release fluoride, protecting the tooth from future decay.
  • Composite restorations make your teeth look natural…this certainly cannot be said about “silver-mercury fillings.”
  • In the event that decay causes damage to the tooth’s nerve, adhesive composite bonded restorations can repair the nerve thus helping to prevent root canals.

Remember that a composite restoration is NO ordinary “filling.” They require a higher level of technical proficiency.

Dr. Rodo attended hundreds of hours of continuing education seminars under some of the best clinicians around the country to master these techniques and continues to do so.


5 Ways a Cosmetic Dentist Can Reform Your Smile in One Appointment

Cosmetic dentists are trained in painless, single appointment procedures that will shape and brighten your teeth. Featuring dental implants, bleaching, fillings, and even supplemental services like Botox treatments, cosmetic dentists can make your smile as perfect as it should be, with immediate results.

A service that many people are unaware of in the field of dentistry is cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentists use dentistry techniques to reform and reshape the aesthetic qualities of your smile through safe, relatively painless procedures. Such procedures can include tooth whitening, dental implants, and crowning; all with minimal invasiveness and complete safety. Cosmetic dentists offer a few supplemental services as well. Here is a list of some of the more common procedures that a cosmetic dentist routinely does:


Tooth bleaching is a safe and effective way to make your teeth whiter and brighter. A popular misconception is that “bleaching” and “whitening” are interchangeable, but this is not true. Whitening will remove the dirt and stain on teeth to return them to their original color at best, whereas a bleaching procedure can make them whiter than they ever have been. Bleaching usually involves an hour-and-a-half procedure where the cosmetic dentist rubs plaque and dirt off the teeth before applying a bleaching agent. Results are immediate, although a second appointment may be needed to reach the desired effects.


A tooth filling has become a fairly normal practice for any dentist. A filling procedure comprises of using tools to cut away damaged and decayed tooth material and filling the gap with one of several different filling options. Filling materials include gold, porcelain, silver, or special glass. Cosmetic dentists excel at this procedure above a common dentist because of their specialty in matching tooth coloring and strength in durability of the filling. Rather than just plugging the hole, a cosmetic dentist will blend the plug in permanently to make your tooth look good as new, and just as sturdy.


Contouring, also known as reshaping, is a fairly new method employed by cosmetic dentists to reshape and sculpt a tooth to its desired look. Using modern techniques, a cosmetic dentist can form a tooth in a painless procedure with immediate results. In some cases, contouring can even replace such popular treatments as braces.


Dental implants are artificial, replacement tooth roots designed to hold into your mouth and fuse with bone to create a permanent substitute tooth. The dental implant provides for a permanent alternative to dentures. The alternative (dental implants) improve eating, appearance, and overall self-esteem in ways that a denture cannot. And, with correct maintenance and care, a dental implant can last your entire life. All in just one procedure!


Botox is the common term for botulinum, and has been used as a common anti-aging treatment on facial wrinkling for years. Botox treatments essentially freeze facial muscles to remove slouch and wrinkling. A professional Botox treatment is pretty standard and fairly painless. Many cosmetic dentists include Botox procedures in their practice as a supplemental service to other facial cosmetic surgeries that they offer. Some even offer procedures like dermal fillers that restore lost volume; eliminating deep folds/lines in your face…and even rejuvenating lips to the fullness and shape that you want!


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