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Lip augmentation is a procedure that uses synthetic or biological products or surgical restructuring to enhance the lips. Lip enhancement can be achieved by many procedures, some better than others.

The ideal lip filler would be soft, pliable and permanent, while at the same time removable, inexpensive and complication-free in any patient. While this is not currently available, doctors try their best with what is.


If you are in great physical and emotional health, have reasonable expectations, elastic skin and no previous existing medical conditions, you may be a candidate for lip enhancement. Potential patients must have patience and understanding, as well as enough discipline to follow postoperative protocol to increase their chances of a positive outcome.

If the above pertains to you and you wish to augment, alter, resize, reshape or lift your lips, you may be a good candidate for lip enhancement. Only a qualified medical professional can determine this after speaking to you and going over your medical history, examining your lips and skin. You must realize that no one can perform miracles, but a highly skilled plastic surgeon or injector can transform your nice lips into the perfect lip shape for you.


Some indications for lip enhancement include small, deflated lips, asymmetry, reconstructive needs, drooping or sagging upper lip, lack of color, wrinkling from smoking and/or aging.

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Cosmetic Dentist in Buffalo, NY, Announces New Product for Lip Augmentation

Dr. Nicholas Rodo, a cosmetic dentist who serves the Buffalo, NY area, announced that he will be using the new FDA-approved Restylane on his Lip Augmentation patients.

[Buffalo, NY, May 17, 2012] – The new product, Restylane, is a crystal clear injectable gel composed of hyaluronic acid, a natural substance that already exists in the body. Restylane is non-animal based and free from animal protein, and makes normal allergy pretesting no longer necessary. The product is a dermal filler that can be used to restore lost volume in the lips & improve esthetic deficiencies….and essentially take ‘years off a patient’s appearance.’

When asked to comment on the product Dr. Rodo said, “I’ve had comments like, ‘Wow!’ The after pictures look 20 years younger!”

With this class of dermal filler, it is now possible to also correct/augment folds noticeable alongside the nose or corners of the mouth. It’s safe (FDA-Approved), and an excellent reversible corrective enhancement service without any surgery or downtime.

This product is mostly used for lip enhancement. After being numbed first with a painless local anesthetic, the Restylane is injected into your lips with an ultrafine needle to plump the skin & smooth away wrinkles and folds. It can also be injected into the skin to minimize the lines from your nose to the corners of your mouth (nasolabial folds).

The effects generally last at least six months and gradually disappear from the body. If you are treated again at 4½ or 9 months after your first treatment, Restylane can last up to 18 months in the nasolabial folds. In the lips Restylane generally lasts six months.


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