Thank you for your time and dedication last Tuesday. You have not only improved my smile but my confidence as well. Your enthusiasm and commitment to your career is refreshing and motivating to those around you. Keep up the Great Work!

Amy W.

Are you thinking of fixing those teeth? If so, you’re in the right place. Are you a little scared of anything? The procedures…the money…the results? You’re still in the right place. Dr. Rodo fixed my smile and I can tell you that I’m thrilled with the results. Dr. Rodo is a dentist’s dentist. He’s incredibly knowledgeable, totally high-tech and up on every new procedure available today. He takes all of his patients very seriously and is a real spinning ball of positive energy. If anyone can fix your teeth, he can do it, and better than anybody out there. The entire staff is wonderful. They are dedicated, positive, and they truly care about the health of your mouth. Is this stuff expensive? Yeah! Is this stuff worth it? It is so worth it! Every hard-earned penny!! Yes – I’d do it again. And every time I smile, I feel great. The boost in confidence and self-esteem is immeasurable. Thanks Dr. Rodo and all the incredible women in the office, for your terrific service! You’re the best.

Lynn K.

On behalf of the staff of Page 1 Preschool and myself, I would like to say Thanks. Your presentations were spectacular! The children are still talking about the video and toothbrushes they received. Your associates really understood children and I will continue to recommend your office to parents and others seeking dental services. Hope to see you again next year!

Trish, Director of Page 1 Preschool

I first visited your office on 9 JUL 2002, having suffered the loss of a front tooth several days earlier. Many years ago, I was a dental office regular (two GP’s and one orthodontist). My early experience of dentistry left much to be desired in terms of pain endured and results obtained. I believe that I subconsciously vowed never to cross a dental threshold unless an absolute imperative. Given my embarrassing loss, I searched the yellow pages for a gentle dentist with an impressive record of education and experience. This check led me to your web site, which in turn generated my appointment. I must say that I am more than satisfied in terms of your work to date. You substantiated the need for a number of extractions and fitted me with provisional partials. To date, I have visited your office on twelve occasions. Without reservation I can state that I have suffered no pain, other than a brief sting when you had to inject the roof of my mouth. I never filled your prescription for pain relief. To me, you are an artist, a knowledgeable dental professional and a caring human being rolled into one person. Not only are you unique. You staff your office with competent, friendly staff members more than willing to answer queries, assist with my insurance problems, etc. I intend to refer friends and acquaintances to you whenever I hear of anxiety relative to needed dental work. It may sound ridiculous but I actually look forward to my visits. Thanks again.

John Eagan, Professor and Chair Department of Business Administration (ECC)

Dr. Nicholas Rodo was referred to me by a friend after I had suffered two previous attempts to replace permanent bridge with two other facilities

Being very disappointed with comfort and appearance. I sought help from Dr. Rodo.

I found Dr. Rodo to be unlike other regular Dentists, in the fact he truly is interested in helping his patients to achieve their desired goal in appearance, comfort and satisfaction.

Dr. Rodo truly listens and is very compassionate and understanding, He’s a true genius at work.

Dr. Rodo is a Dentist who strives to meet the patients expectations, while only performing excellence in every case with incredible ease.

There is no better Dentist and I plan on staying with Dr. Rodo forever !! To watch and listen to him as he works is amazing, each visit being so impressed as the beginning!

Large facilities and advertising does not always indicate excellence and satisfaction. This can, however, be found in a small plaza on Southwestern Blvd, of which is one of Buffalo’s Best Kept Secrets to be found!

Thank you so much for accepting me and helping me in a very difficult situation!

Donna R.

Dear Dr. Rodo

I received your letter today and felt that I needed to reply to your thoughtfulness. I always receive a letter from Guardian (ins) to change over to a “participating provider” and avoid paperwork, charges, etc. However, THEY weren’t there when my daughter came to me on a Friday morning before an Easter holiday crying with dental pain. THEY weren’t gracious to a new patient (who by the way, was just leaving for a paid cruise!) and having answered the phone themselves, urged Kristin to “come right now.” THEY weren’t the professional who gave her care, corrected her dental problems and relieved her pain.

I haven’t ever forgotten the care you personally gave her on a holiday when most would have sent her to an immediate care. You have also always insured that I am “pain-free” and available for any questions. I always speak of your level of caring and professionalism when I speak with friends, family, and colleagues, so…thank YOU.

Nora (Krypel)

Thank you very much for the excellent care you gave me on my recent visit. It really meant a lot to me when you called later that evening to check on me and see how I was feeling. I’ve said it before, but I really mean it – you are the only dentist I trust! You’re the Best!

Mary M.

I love this office. Dr. Rodo treats you like a princess. I feel like I’m in Beverly Hills when I come in here. Everything is so beautiful, high-tech, and modern. Dr. Rodo makes sure you never have a bad taste in your mouth and I have never felt any pain. He cares about making sure you never have any discomfort. When you go to other dentists, and I seen a few, they don’t care about you. They don’t care if they cause you pain or leave a bad taste in your mouth. The other offices never ask if they are causing you pain and they don’t care.

Everyone of you make sure I’m comfortable here. I will never go anywhere else now that I have been here. I love it here! I tell all my friends about this place.

Marie Lates

I wish to take this opportunity to express my thoughts and feelings about the enormous amount of restorative work you performed on my teeth…I believe your care and concern for my health, appearance, and well-being was your first concern and your feel merely a by-product of your task.

For all of this, I am grateful, and I thank you for instilling hope and motivation to take good care of my precious teeth. I thank you.

Barbara Fischer

I would like to take this time to express my satisfaction, and gratitude for the treatments I have received from you and your staff…I am very impressed with the quality of care and the techniques used in my transformation from a person with poor dental habits to a responsible person with an efficient, daily oral hygiene program, which you and your associates have helped me to develop. Everytime I sit in your office chair I am extremely confident in your abilities, especially the osseous surgery. Your careful and skillful surgical technique in this matter was essential in the completion of my crown and bridge, without any additional cost due to having to see a specialist.

David Cunningham

I would like to commend everyone on the efficiency and professionalism that I experience each time I visit. It is always a pleasure to deal with people who are genuinely concerned with the welfare and comfort of others…

I can’t honestly say that I look forward to the task of going to the dentist, but I know that each time I visit, I’m in the best hands possible and there’s no need to worry.

Terry Smith

Thank you so much for fixing my teeth. From the minute I walked in the office I felt so welcome. All of the staff is so nice, and everytime I came I enjoyed it! My teeth are beautiful now because you did an amazing job on my peg tooth. I always hated it and now you can’t even tell it was bonded. I really appreciate you taking time out of your day to make my teeth look so perfect. No matter how much work it was or how long it took you fixed my teeth and I appreciate that so much!

I think everyone should come to your office because you are all truly amazing at what you do! I will never forget who made my smile perfect. This is the best Christmas present I could ever get, thank you so much!


Just wanted to say thank you again for the beautiful smile – I wish I wouldn’t have waited so long. I have to admit I was a little afraid. You are the first pain-free dentist I’ve ever known – and I’ve known a lot! Thanks again!


Thank you for treating me as if I were your only patient. Your kindness, patience, and dedication has made it a very positive experience for me. Thanks again!

Tonya U.

Your health information and professional commitment letter was greatly appreciated. It is knowledge that I seek when I ask questions about different procedures that you recommend for my dental care. I want to be informed enabling me to make an intelligent decision. You are the expert and I value your judgment. I am responsible for the choices I make in a total health care picture. Many factors are involved in my decisions. Different health care professionals recommend various programs or procedures to accomplish complete health improvement. I do try to have a balance with priorities to first meet all essential needs, and secondly to afford the treatments. You can be sure that in my situation it will not be a debate as to do I replace a 15 yr. old car or do I have a face lift! Therefore, Dr. Rodo, considering the facts I do try to make a good decision, and I so appreciate you explaining the health reasons for your recommendations. This information is a great help when I list my needs and priorities. Without a doubt, you are at the top of the favorite professionals on my health care team!

Jean P.

I always desired a big wide smile one that would welcome people, a smile that would make a rainy day feel like a gift from God. Never did I ever expect anyone could create that for me, you see my teeth had been crocked from get go and to straighten them just was never in program once regular dental maintenance was done, filings, cleanings, and root canals where far exceeding the budget now let alone a cap, whiting and bridge work. I look back now and I see how Dr. Rodo looking at those first X-rays and saw the past all that maintenance issues and looked into and listened to the desire of my heart. He was like a real life fairy godperson and granted a wish that has been for close to 15 years maybe more. An impossible request that others had said, you would have to get dentures or wear other devices. Dr. Rodo just looked and studied and truly created this smile. I can never thank him or his staff enough for all their hard work, their creativity, their support and encouragement threw this whole process. I now have a smile that stops traffic. I feel when I smile now people forget their problems just for a moment and feel like someone is really listening to them like they are important and welcome and glad they stopped to say Hi. Thank you Dr. Rodo and staff for all you have done for me.

Sue Farrell

It was with much apprehension that I arrived at your office on October 10th to have two, not one, but two caps put on my teeth. Never having had this procedure before, and being truly frightened about most anything to do with dentistry, I had resigned myself to spending two or three hours uncomfortably. I can’t begin to tell you how groundless my fears were! From the moment that I arrived in the office everyone did their utmost to make me feel relaxed and to lessen my anxiety. Dr. Rodo took time to explain each and every step he was taking. The step I dreaded the most, receiving Novocain, was absolutely painless – I never even knew when I received the injection! Other than the two Tylenol tablets that I took in your office, I never had to take anything else for pain simply because there wasn’t any! Your expertise Dr. Rodo, and the professionalism of your staff, has taken the fear and apprehension out of my future visits to the the dentist. Thanks!

Peggy M.

On behalf of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Western New York, I want to thank you for your donation of 4 gift certificates for teeth whitening, with a value of $1,200.00, which was used during the Wish Gala 2002 Auction on Friday, May 10, 2002. The success of this event was contingent upon the unyielding support and dedication of local individuals and businesses such as yours, who generously support our mission to grant the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses. Thank you for helping us reach our goal!

John C. Merino, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Rodo and Staff, I began seeing Dr. Rodo the beginning of 2007 @ the recommendation of a friend. I had cracked my front tooth as a child and have had several crowns put in over the years, none of which I was ever completely satisfied with. I am now in my thirties and still could not find any dentist that was able to give me the smile I always wanted. My friend kept insisting that I go see Dr. Rodo because if anyone could help me it would be him. I was skeptical @ first because I have seen so many dentist who kept telling me it was as good as it was going to get. Dr. Rodo was very honest with me and explained how it would be a long and arduous process to get the results I wanted and the perfection he insists upon. I trusted Dr. Rodo and gave him the go ahead. I visited Dr. Rodo and his wonderful staff many times over the following six months and it was worth every visit. I am extremely happy with my results. I would highly recommend Dr. Rodo and his staff to anyone looking for a professional and caring staff led by a very competent (sic) and first-rate doctor. I cannot express my confidence in Dr. Rodo enough. I will continue to be a patient of his for many years to come. Thank you.

Maria Schieda

Being in my 80’s, I was quite apprehensive and tense about having any involved work done to my teeth. Those feelings gradually dissipated after consulting with Dr. Rodo. His words were reassuring and encouraging. There was no pain – only great relief after the procedure was done – and the result was admirable. Thanks to the doctor for his kind and efficient manner, and to the courteous staff, and to the wonderful capable assistant. I also enjoyed the camaraderie displayed by the whole staff.

Florence Strachura

I want to express my appreciation to you for accepting me as a patient…I can’t thank you enough in the several hours in which you performed the most intricate surgery and other dental involvements with such wisdom, creativity and extreme skill…all done with no side effects…no pain! These are the accomplishments of a most proficient surgeon only…I can actually say, I find it a pleasure, for once in my life, to make dental visits.

Lydia Pontrell

Shortly after we moved here my partial broke and I was at a loss as I didn’t know who to go to. My friend called your office and left a message on your recorder and explained my problem. You called the same afternoon after I told you what happened and you offered to meet me at your office that evening which happened to be Memorial Day weekend. After a thorough exam, X-rays were taken and you showed me what the problem was and explained the reconstruction that had to be done. The color of the crowns are a perfect match. You and your staff have been very helpful and courteous, and I would not hesitate to recommend your services to my friends. Thanks again.

Anne Hoefner

My heartfelt thanks to you and your staff for an excellent job on my teeth. They not only look good, but they feel like I had them all my life.

Zofia Bolas

I truly have never met such caring people. I put up with my bad self-esteem because of being so embarrassed to smile. Now that you made it possible to make my smile beautiful again, it has changed me as a person. It really has! I laugh and smile and even at work my customers have noticed which makes me feel great! The only words I can find to say is thank you, although it doesn’t even come close to the gratitude that I feel. I asked God to open a door and he led me to your office. That’s why I feel you are all angels that answered my prayers. May God bless you, you have blessed me!


Thank you so much for your presentation on direct composite resin restorations for the senior class at West Virginia University. We are really pleased to have the opportunity to learn from you. Your enthusiasm has definitely rubbed off on the students. I already witnessed a couple of beautifully completed diastema and Cl IV cases this week utilizing the technique you’ve outlined. Thank you once again for your time and knowledge. I am looking forward to working with you in the future.

Elizabeth K., and the senior dental class at WVU

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