Tooth Restoration

dental implant is a newly perfected, effective way of repairing a lost tooth. The following is a rudimentary understanding of the procedure involved in installing a dental implant and what to expect with the results of the operation.

Dental implants truly are a testament to what can be accomplished by a cosmetic dentist. Beyond the fact that the ability to restore a tooth permanently is a near miraculous effect, there are many other reasons why dental implants are sought after. A dental implant goes beyond a simple denture, and actually restores a tooth to your mouth, with all of the strength that you would expect of an adult tooth that you grew when you were a teenager.

The entire process of restoring a tooth with a dental implant is calculated and refined. Detail-oriented planning, as well as extensive radiographs and orthopantomographs are taken to carefully examine the mouth and how the new tooth will fit into tooth alignment. A mould of the new tooth is carefully crafted to fit the mouth. The planning is all about delicate, detail oriented work so that the procedure will be executed flawlessly, without complications and misalignment when the dental implant is placed.
The procedure itself is usually performed in a series of at least two procedures, although some incarnations only require one surgery, just as any medical procedure and the result is akin to a man-made artificial root which can be used as your own tooth.

A titanium screw is inserted then the prosthetic tooth is affixed to the top of the screw. All of this is usually done in increments of time to allow the bone to heal because too much overloading of pressure on the bone could cause it to be rendered unsound; a condition known as osteonecrosis. The degrading of the bone in which the implant is drilled would cause the dental implant to become a total failure.

That is why proper healing time should not be taken lightly. Depending on many factors, including the severity of the procedure, the oral health of the patient, and skill of the cosmetic dentist, the healing process may take anywhere between a couple of months to just over a year. Far beyond simple cosmetic dentistry, this is restoration of a fully functional prosthetic piece, permanently grafted into the bone. Safety and patience is imperative; and if the time is put in, the results will be undeniably positive.

Because of the restored tooth a patient regains so much of what they lost. Functionality is regained as the dental implant is a fully usable tooth that can be used for chewing and fixing any speech problems that resulted from lost teeth. Also, the patients gain restored confidence and self-satisfaction that their smile is once again full and bright.

Consult with your cosmetic dentist to see if a dental implant procedure is what you are looking for to repair your smile and restore basic function to your teeth. The procedure is careful, practiced, and astonishingly effective. It could be exactly what you need. There is an experienced cosmetic dentist in the Buffalo, NY area.


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